[CsMain] Retirement of Trac system over time
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Phil Wyett
2014-05-01 19:35:40 UTC
Hi all,

Kind of let the cat of the bag in earlier mails.

Planning and setup is under way to retire trac. Services provided
through trac currently, will be moved to Sourceforge where possible and
where not alternatives used.

Things moving first:

* ticket/issue tracking.
* wiki.

This process will not be painless (what is) and we thank you for your
patience and input as things change and the new comes online.

It is hoped to fully retire the trac system in 6 - 12 months. This
estimate is conservative because of time and resources.

Many thanks go out to the suppliers and maintainers of trac for CS and
CEL etc. Their efforts and continued efforts for the projects are much


Phil Wyett
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