[CsMain] Crystal Fighter back in development
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Jim Sager
2017-04-23 17:40:27 UTC

I'm moving full swing into Crystal Fighter. It is a game like Tekken, but instead of just 2 players, it supports up to 5000.
I want to make a MMO with live game masters. What goes down with live game masters will be saved on youtube like Deagon Ball Z episodes. The world will have kingdoms to conquer and build.

At first it is just going to be a big beatemup arena to demonstrate the tech and get teammembers on board.

If anyone wants to team up now with me casually or intently, get ahold of me as reddit.com/u/goodnewsjimdotcom

And check out the dev page at www.reddit.com/r/crystalfighter

Thank you,
Goodnewsjim formerly CrazyJim

The game used to be called Roaming Dragon

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