[CsMain] Calling csApplicationRunner after button press event
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Rekonflex Software Systeme
2016-11-04 13:16:13 UTC
Hello everyone,

my name is Christian. This is my first post on the mailing list and I have two short questions for the community, which I hope they may be able to answer.
For our software project we would like to embed the CrystalSpace engine into our VS 2010 C++ Qt application. So my first question is if anybody has experience with that. Did somebody try that before? Is it possible? What do I have to consider for that?

In the CS tutorials I found only instructions to call the csApplicationRunner function or the Run function from the main method of a VS 2010 C++ console application. So I am wondering if there is a recommended way to start the engine or call csApplicationRunner from a standard Win32 application (not a console application). I would like to start the engine after a certain button-press event. Which values should be set for the argc and argv parameters of the Run() function in order to provide a safe and stable run of the CS engine?



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