[CsMain] [Crystal-develop] GSoC of 2015 onwards
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Phil Wyett
2014-05-01 18:48:35 UTC
I think this would be a great idea. Admittedly, it's been a while
since I looked at the Crystal Space bug tracking system, but from past
experience, one thing that became obvious to me was that it doesn't
seem to be extremely well-used. I'm wondering if we should make the
visibility of the system a bit better before implementing the GSoC
idea structure in this manner?
Are there any thoughts on switching away from trac? It's not a bad
system, but I'm wondering if it might be good to get a clean start and
get rid of some of the old cruft still in the system, just so that new
ideas and feature requests aren't lost in the ether...
You reading my emails to jorrit? ;-)

We are just waiting on SourceForge about one technical issue with regard
mailing list emails for ticket creation/edits (an issue with it), but
the bug tracker will be moving back to:


This will be a fresh start and old bugs that are not thought to be
relevant will not be moved over. The only restriction we place on the
system is that people must be a registered SF user.

You can view the ticket system using the link above and if you need to
report a new bug for trunk. You can now report it there rather than

All documentation etc. will be updated once we are happy all is working
as we wish it.

Some feedback on the new ticket system and creation fields I have added
for OS, Arch, Graphics etc. will be appreciated.


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