[CsMain] Hey its Jim, can someone help me with code?
(too old to reply)
Jim Sager
2016-07-30 22:31:29 UTC

I was wondering if a familiar face that remembers GoodNewsJim or CrazyJim from back in the day wants to take a look at my code.

I have a 3d fighter like Tekken and the networking is swell, and so is the fighting, but, my collision detection for jumping means sometimes it doesn't jump everytime. Sometimes it gets stuck on the ground. If a familiar name wants to see my code to help me over this, I'd be stoked. I'm not too far away from a pretty fun game, but collision detection in 3d is soooo hard for me. I spent like six years on this code. If you could help me out over this, maybe someday I'll get you money if I ever get paid myself.

Promise not to redistribute the code or use compiled results in any way publically, and if you're a name I remember, I'll email you the source.


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