[CsMain] Question about distributing a game.
(too old to reply)
Jim Sager
2017-04-26 18:45:08 UTC

I have a question, but don't just respond in crystal-main, also send to ***@yahoo.com because for some reason, I don't get mail from the mailing list anymore.

My question is this:
What files do I need to accompany my .exe to put on other computers?

I copied all the .dlls from the CrystalSpace directory with my install, but it doesn't work.

I am getting this error:
LoadLibraryEx(c:\crystalfighter\vfs.dll) error 126: The specified module could not be found.
SCF_WARNING: factory returned a null instance for crystalspace.kernel.vfs
WARNING: could not load plugin 'crystalspace.kernerl.vfs'

Again, reply also to ***@yahoo.com

Any help is appreciated. I remember distributing this just required me to copy a lot of files with it, but I forget the general idea of which ones.
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